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Lyubov Orlova

A Glimpse of Perfect Womanhood

This site is dedicated to the great Russian / Soviet vintage filmstar Lyubov Orlova. What was the secret of her incredible influence on people? Men and women adored her equally. Men dreamed of her charm and smile, and women strived for looking like Orlova. She had a dramatic glamour for men and women and lured them with the attraction of a magnet.

O wondrous moment! There before me

A radiant, fleeting dream you stood,

A vision fancy fashioned for me,

A glimpse of perfect womanhood!

Alexander Pushkin

“A lovely charm always streamed from Lyubov Orlova, and I had never ever seen anything like that streeming from other actresses although I saw them a lot. No one else had such a grace and elegance, such a light and cheerful chic, own and natural one ”.

Faina Ranevskaya, a great Russian actress


“She was one of a few, who had perceived a mystery of a primeval art, in which singing, music, dancing and mummery (performance) coexisted only inseparably, and her lavish universalism, the enemy of any specialization, amazes us like elements of a Mother–Nature”.

Isaak Dunaevsky, a great Russian composer

Lyubov Orlova

A Star Number One

“Why do people call her “A star number one”? She could do everything. She could dance, sing and play dramatic parts… Nobody had such a sunny beauty – a beauty that won people’s heart. Orlova had an incredible sunshine of life. She was looking glare always, she was always smiling. There was an inexplicable fascination, charm and beauty in her face, in her habit, in her manner and in very noble features of her face. Ladylikeness constituted her substance – and her mask. She was fascinating, she had a smashing glamour”.

Vitaly Vulf, a famous Russian art reviewer


“While playing a part of Missis Patrick Campbell at the performance “Dear Liar”, Lyubov Orlova was pronouncing a cue: “I’ll never be older than 39, not a single day older!” and there was thunderous applause every time! And this applause was for the actress, not for the personage. The audience was applauding to the actress for her unfading beauty”.

Rostislav Plyatt, a famous Russian actor

Lyubov Orlova


Lyubov Orlova

Lyubov Orlova


Lyubov Orlova

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