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Books about Lyubov Orlova

Zeldovitch, G. Lyubov Orlova. Moscow. Publishing House “Goskinoizdat”, 1939 (Series “Masters of Cinema”).

Romanov, A.V. Lybov Orlova in art and in life. Moscow . Publishing House “Iskusstvo”, 1987.

Frolov, I.D. Lyubov Orlova. With make-up and without it. Moscow . Publishing House “Panorama”, 1997. (Series “World of Cinema”).

Kushnirov, M.A. Shining Path, or Charlie and Spenser. Publishing House “Terra”, 1998. (Series “Idols”).

Sheglov, D.A. Love and Mask: Novel. Moscow . Publishing House “Olimp”, Smolensk . Publishing House “Rusitch”, 1997. (Series “Woman–Myth”).

Sheglov, D.A. Lybov Orlova: Life and creative work. Publishing House “Eksmo-Press”, 2002.

Saakov, Y.S. Lyubov Orlova: 100 True Stories and 100 Tales. Moscow . Publishing House “Algoritm”, 2002.

Golikova, N.Y. Actress and Director. Moscow . Publishing House “Vagrius”, 2005.

Saakov, Y.S. Lyubov Orlova and Grigori Alexandrov. Moscow . Publishing House “Algoritm”, Publishing House “Eksmo”, 2005.

Saakov, Y.S. Lyubov Orlova: Superstar against a background of the Epoch. Moscow: Publishing House “Eksmo”, 2007.

Khort, A . Lyubov Orlova. Moscow: Publishing House "Molodaya Gvardiya", 2007. (Series “Life of Remarkable Persons”)

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Films about Lyubov Orlova

1976, “Grigori Alexandrov and Lyubov Orlova”, popular science film, Film Studio “Centrnauchfilm”, director Karostin, M., screenwriters Karostin, M., Vasiliu, D. and Zebin, A.

1983, “Lyubov Orlova”, a documentary film, Film Studio “Mosfilm”, directors Yelena Mikhailova and Grigori Alexandrov, screenwriters Grigori Alexandrov and Grigori Alexandrov-junior. Lyubov Orlova



1/ Lubov Orlova: creative portret. Long-player. Recording Studio "Melodia", 1983.

Soundtracks from this LP are available at the Russian version of the page Creative portret


2/ Actor and Song. Lyubov Orlova. Audio CD, 2003.

Some soundtracks from this CD are available at the page Music.html


Grammy of Orlova

CD of Orlova








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